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☂ DRIP FREE: Creative inside-out design prevents water from dripping, allows you to put it anywhere in room or car and don’t need to worry about making the seat or floor wet, also made entering and exiting a car less of a hassle.


☂ HANDS FREE: The C-type frosted handle can release your hands in the rain, allows you to use phone or lift bag when hold the umbrella, convenience for mothers to hold the umbrella when they have baby in arms.

☂ DURABLY WINDPROOF: The aerodynamic design let the umbrella always finds the most comfortable position in the wind and easily slices through all winds, protects you well against the rain, winds and sun.


☂ ANTI-ULTRAVIOLET - UPF>50+ Sunscreen fabric production, Double layer protection, can shield UV as high as 99% with coating nanotechnology, double use travel umbrella with features of UV protection, waterproof and windproof features.

☂ EASY TO STORAGE: It can stand up on its own, ideal for when you have nowhere to prop your umbrella up against. The portable storage bag allows you can easily carry it wherever you go, such as traveling, shopping, go to school, or even sport.

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